Community Kitchen

Aims and goals  

Our kitchen space has been in use since April 2018, with two trainees and two coaches currently working together to create delicious and healthy dishes. The recipes we use are usually vegetarian or vegan, though we do cook with meat occasionally. Our aim is to use seasonal and local produce wherever possible and we hope to achieve this by integrating our community green space with our kitchen by growing and using our own vegetables in the food we make. This will help reduce food wastage and the carbon footprint of the dishes, so they are good for the planet as well as for us.

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Traineeships and qualifications

Our trainees are offered six months of intensive one-to-one support by the job coach. During this time they are equipped with the skills required for the commercial, retail, or hospitality industry, such as learning the protocol for proper food storage and food hygiene, in compliance with HACCP policy. By the time trainees have completed their course, they will be qualified with a Basic Food Hygiene Level II accredited certificate, which is a transferrable qualification trainees can use in finding mainstream employment, and is especially useful for jobs in hospitality.